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How can AI influence brands and marketers?

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are not something for science laboratories anymore because they have become an integral part of everyday life of brands and their audience.

While there are many potential applications for AI, here a few of the most popular ones:

Search - Several technologies that have improved the search engines algorithms can now help clients reach very specific products and services while supporting brands in their efforts to be relevant.

Recommendations- Technology now can interpret consumer online behavior and recommend personalized products or content based on habits, preferences, and demographics.

Product pricing - Based on several factors, businesses relying on agile pricing policies use AI to find consumer patterns in spending and receptiveness to special offers.

Analytics - Artificial intelligence helps marketers with data that can share insight both on past behavior, as well as for future trends;

Consumer profiling - AI is useful in audience targeting and segmentation, making it easier to address each part of the public in a specific and convincing manner.

Speech recognition - conversational AI and voice-activated devices, like smartphones or home assistants, are becoming a normal part of life and brand can have a very close and personal influence through them.

Augmented reality - as a more visible application of AI, brands have started using VR to showcase their products in creative and captivating ways, that will forever hold costumers’ hearts and interest.

It might seem that AI is all-powerful, but for the time being, it still needs people to improve accuracy and to train algorithms properly. Still, artificial intelligence can be the force to transform the world in an unexpected way, from marketing to the entire economic and social spectrum.

Which of the application we mentioned do you find most interesting?

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